My chameleon watches me play


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Hi CF, I see my chameleon sometimes watch me play on my computer. Anybody else's chameleon watched them do stuff? Just curios? :D
Yes they are intrigued by moving objects. Mine will sit and watch the tv for hours, most days when I get home he will sit on my lap and watch tv with me.
mine refuses to eat from my hand if Im looking at him. If I cover my eyes with my hand and he's fine, but eye contact = no go


needless to say, he watches me like a hawk when im around the cage


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mine stare me down lol.. the female veiled will come to the front of the cage on her fav perch and watch me but as soon as i go tp open it shes gone to her other fav spot in the back of the cage..the male is new so hes still settling in but he reminds me the raptors from jurassic dont see him at all until you catch his eyes staring right back at you through the leaves from the back on his cage..and my lil panther...he watches everything lol i swear i watched him stare at his tail curling up and down for like 20 minutes..i wish my cham would just chill on my lap and watch tv with me


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haha this picture is taken from my pc closet and this is always when
he wants to get out.. thats mostly 5 times a day when im at home 20130730_175038.jpg its a veiled one ;)
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