My chameleon has had black spots for days after shedding


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I want to commend you Mack for coming to this forum asking for advice and heeding it prmptly. Bravo!!!! You are in the right hands with Berman who is so very knowledgable about chams. There is so much misinformation out there and we have seen how these wonderful creatures suffer because of it.


Yoshi, my chameleon is about 4 months old and he shed for the first time the other day. Ever since he shed he has been spotted black for days. I cleaned his cage and re arranged so he had more plants, but I can't figure out what's wrong with him. He has a free range tree and when I take him out and put him on it he is green and when he's asleep he is green but during the day he is spotted black.
Mine used to do that. They have an 'outfit' for every occasion. Lol. As long as his skin has completely shed, he is ok. He may just be developing his personality. If there is skin left on him you can put some water on your fingers and rub his body carefully. NEVER pull back on his shed. It will come when it's ready. TH


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We don’t recommend wetting the shedding skin because chameleons are dry shedders and this will cause the skin to stick more and cause more problems. It’s best to let the shed come off on its own.
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