My chameleon has a prolapse im 99% sure! What do i do?


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So i posted on another thread before, sorry i didnt know where to do it but here it is again.
His name is Moges(moe-guess) im worried dont know what to do, i put him in the warm water twice today. Hes not eating but he is drinking water from his dripper! Please help!


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He needs a vet ASAP. In the meantime, the prolapse should be kept moist. You can use KY jelly, or just just plain water and then apply moist gauze over the area. But this is a mere interim measure: he’ll need a vet


Alright so my father is a vet and I’m studying to be a reptile vet and at my dads practice they had a patient, a panther chameleon who had prolapsed its anus, the cause was diagnosed as switching from crickets to huge locusts too quickly the causes may be similar, they then performed an operation to push it back in, changed his diet and the chameleon started improving. Take him to the vet.


They will probably push it in with a lubricated pair of tweezers or a cotton bud or Q tip and put a stitch over the anus to stop it from prolapsing again, the stitch should come out in a week and he should be back to normal.


Might want to find somewhere else to study. Kidding, can you explain why? I find that strange...
Alright so what happens was at first the chameleon was fed purely on crickets for about a year, then for some reason they switched purely onto locusts which as you can imagine caused some Issues in the digestive tract as they were over twice the size of the crickets this meant that they were not fully digested and caused constipation meaning that the chameleon tried to defecate but it couldn’t and it kept trying and in the process it pushed out its anus.


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Prolapse are serious. This is how I was trained to handle prolapse by my chameleon vet: Soak in cold water with as much sugar dissolved in the water as you can get. Soak 5 minutes and take out for 5 minutes and apply KY Jelly, then soak 5 more minutes and then take out and apply KY. Continue to do this until either it goes back in on it's own or with help from you or until you get them to the vet. If it's a male with hemipenis prolapse and he doesn't pull it back in on his own or with your help he will probably need it amputated. You can try to help him get it back in after you have soaked it for awhile and the vet will try to get it back in. If it's been out for awhile the chances of him, you or the vet getting it back in are slim and he'll probably need it amputated. They do just fine after the hemipenis amputation. For colon prolapse in males and for females it's much more serious.
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