My Chameleon Bit my face.


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Oh, the joys of keeping chameleons. :eek: ;)

So, Priscilla would rather be lit on fire than handled. When I bought her the very tip of her tail looked like it had been pinched/bitten off at some point. Her last shed uncovered a tiny amount of dead tissue at the end of her tail, so I'm taking her to the vet next week. But, I wanted to get a closer look and take pictures of it first. Bad idea! Behold, my bitten nose and the SUPER PISSED OFF offending cham in the attachments, just moments prior.

When I was trying to get a close look at her tail I wasn't really paying attention to her face, or mine. OOPS. I feel bad though, she probably thought I was about to go in for the kill :rolleyes:

Forgive me for the incredibly unsexy angle of my face. I guess it's not TERRIBLE or anything but I find it impressive for a 53 gram animal.


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Hahaha yeah! Funny, I was considering getting a new piercing. Perhaps she read my thoughts and wanted to help.


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Hey, you have a psychic chameleon...figure out a way to get her on Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks" and you're set for life!


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I have to say a cham biting my face would scare the crap out of me. i am thinking that girl me be ground to her cage for bad behavior!

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She was just defending herself, as you said. You really can't be too upset with her... and it is hilarious!! :D

Be glad she let go.. :p


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Oh my god that is cute! Sorry but she just is even after all of that blood on your nose. I just love fiesty girlies as mine is a HUGE grouch too. :D


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W:eek:W, who knew! I'll be watching my girlie quite close now! ummm, I'll be watching all my guys/gals now.

HAHA yeah, don't watch them too closely!!!

She licked her lips for like ten minutes after she bit me. Clearly, she now has the taste of human flesh. :eek: I like to think I taste better than crickets and worms. ;)
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