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I figure I better start my own progress thread here…

Well, after a phone call with Mike of FL Chams where he basically MADE me buy a chameleon from him by saying that he would track me down, key my truck and take my trash can. Just kidding :) , Mike was very helpful and gave me complete and honest answers to all of the odd ball questions that I asked him. We decided that I just had to have a young female carpet chameleon and that he would hand pick out the best looking one for me since I am a WC noob. I am looking forward to this challenge and will give it my best; I have high hopes for my new girl and I think that if I am as diligent with it as my other animals I think she will be ok.
Long term goal is to get 1 more when Mike sells his CB guys. If Roo is a girl then I will have to get a Male, and if Roo is indeed a boy I will get another female so I will have a nice trio of carpets which I hope to breed and have many a lil carpets running around; I realize that they are a challenging chameleon to keep and hatch, however I am a patient and determined guy, so hopefully it will all work out in the end.
She is a flying carpet at the moment so I will have some pictures tomorrow night when I get off of work. :D
"Mike was very helpful and gave me complete and honest answers to all of the odd ball questions that I asked him."

Isn't Mike the best-I am sure he thinks I am crazy for all of the worrying I do and crazy questions I ask-but he always has the patience to answer! You could not be getting a cham from a better guy!
Oh ya have had a pair of panthers and veileds in the past; and still do actually, though they are on loan to a friend of mine (who I trust) for the next year for some college project up at USC. Someday I hope to have about a 20 some odd Chams to breed and sell which will supplement the tortoises that I breed and keep. I just need more space to make that dream come true! Hopefully some time this year I will have a new large home where I can start to build into the 20-ish chameleons that I want. I really look up to the Chameleon breeders here and I aspire to have the knowledge and collections that they have; but all in due time. Like I have said before I am a patient guy and I love to learn which is why I am here. Some day people will be able to buy Chameleons and tortoises from (insert name here) Reptiles.
Yep, from a person who is trying to learn and a WC noob he gave me the honest and complete answer; even though I am sure he knew that they were not the answers that I was looking for. All of which I appreciate! Just gotta get that fuzz off your phone line. I work for the phone company; next time I am down in Ft. Myers visiting my Aunt I will drop by and take care of that for ya Mike. Also, you ever need anything built give them a call, Hampson Design General Contracting :D …. Shameless plug… :rolleyes:

"Mike was very helpful and gave me complete and honest answers to all of the odd ball questions that I asked him."

Isn't Mike the best-I am sure he thinks I am crazy for all of the worrying I do and crazy questions I ask-but he always has the patience to answer! You could not be getting a cham from a better guy!
I did! My grandma called me a little while ago saying that I had a box come for me. I send most of my stuff to her house because I am at work all day and cant sign for it. I told her to open the box and put in my bathroom which has solar lighting, so it will get some airflow and a little warmth with no people walking by to freek her out… Errrr 4 more hours of work! If I did not have GPS in my van I would buzz over and put her in her new cage. :p Hope I dont have to work OT today. :eek:
Not to sound like a butt kisser but the bottom line is that peeps like Mike, Tyler, Jenna and a few others breedes/importers/sellers are a real breath of fresh air to this hobby. Also, excellent attitude Chad and this hobby IS very challenging, humbling and can be very rewarding. Its one of interests that requires your utmost attention and no part of it can be approached in a “half-ass” manner. Good luck man with the critters.

Well thanks Roo! I have had and am still having a hard time to get people to answer some of my more business oriented and breeding questions; but heck, who can blame em. However I have found more help in here that I can shake a stick at and I appreciate it very much! Only 3 hours till I should be off! I am a little nervous about this WC cham, but I have been reading up on how to care for them; keep the humidity up, food plentiful, stress low and have a poop check along with various other things. I think I can do it! And well, if not I will have learned a lot and will be more prepared next time.
Like I was telling Mike on the phone I would like to help make these cool small chameleons more readily available for the keeper who wants to keep his/her collection CB. I know it wont be easy, but I got lots of time; im only 22 :). I realize that they will probably never be as popular as panthers and veilds, but I don’t care… I love em. Well, guess I better quit slacking… Back to work!
I will have a mail for you in the next day or so Mr. Roo… I want to ask you a few questions about the terrarium that I am going to make.
Post a pic when she arrives. Mike is a great guy to get one from. I know everyone has said that already but it's very true.


Have you bred carpets before and/or do you keep them? I am always on the look out for people who have experience with them to absorb info from. Reading a care sheet is good, but when you have a list of people to ask what it means when your carpet is turning inside out is always helpful; you can only cover so much in a generalized care sheet.
Yes I have and still do breed lats. Both animals in that pic were ones that I had hatched out. In fact, the bigger girl on the left laid her first fertile clutch a couple days ago. I wrote the article on the E-Zine.

That pretty much sums it up, but I am changing my mind about incubation as of late...thinking it's probably wise to skip the diapause and just incubate them around 70 for stronger babies.
Oh, well awesome! You are the guy that I want to talk to :p; I guess I can say that you taught me everything that I know about them, lol. Roo has a pair of them as well so he has been able to provide me with a few good tips and tricks that I am going to implement with this lil girl. I shot ya a mail as well…

*Woo Hoo, No work left! Common 4:00 + 20min Drive home!*
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Here is lil Roo, happy as can be after a good mist.


And another of him hang'n on his save stick.


Somebody order a cup-o-carpet?


Then I let her out of the cup, boy she was sure happy.


Out on the cup onto my hand.


A nice shot...


I need water!!!!




I seeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu


Hooray for water!


Part 2 soon!
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Woops, forgot to cover Roo so he cant see her... LoL... I think he likes her! :p


And its just like a woman to pester the guy (I think), she gets as close as possible... :p


Overall I am very happy! Shipped well, though the cup was a lil small I think. She was active and drinking right out of the cup, a very calm chameleon but at the same time not as shy as lil Roo. I tossed in a few crickets so hopefully she will zap a few of them, I think I want to try to cup feed her so I can monitor her food better. How do carpets respond to this? She seems very healthy, and has a good body weight, I am curious as to it she might be gravid.?.?. :eek: Oh, and she is shedding, so I will have better pics in the next day or two.

Chad = happy camper at this moment :)
She looks great Chad! The shipping cups can't be too big or they bounce around during shipping! Is there a chance that she is gravid?
Mike said that she 'might' be and reading up on Dooley's care sheet I think that it might be a -strong- maybe... By her colors I would have to guess no because they are not the very Dark, but heck, I dono... :p I will find out shortly one way or the other me thinks... Anybody able to tell us? :rolleyes:
Hey Chad,

Sorry I just saw the thread. Shipping in that size cup is so that she doesn't get banged around in a larger cup. You really need her to shed out a couple of times to clear up. Most WC's are never flawless and don't look great until after 3 good sheds. Heavily plant her cage and leave her alone and let her adjust. I'd almost say ignore her except for food and water for a couple of weeks. That will let her adjust to things. Good Luck with her and please call me with any questions!

Thanks for your business Chad!
Will do Mike, her cage is very well planted, just went to have a look at her and it took me several min to find her actually. I now understand about the cup and makes good sense to me. Water and Food; no bug’n her, got ya. Think that she will be receptive to cup feeding or is it something I will just have to pay by ear? And any comment to the possibility of her being gravid? Thanks again… You get the Wazio stamp of approval. :D

I would never recommend cup feeding for a Wild Caught. I don't even like it for Captive Bred. Let them do what comes naturally hunt for their food. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I just don't like it. Total personal preference. As to being gravid most females that come in develop eggs from a previous breeding in the wild or during exportation.
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