My Babies Sage (veiled) Cooper (Parsonii)


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I am loving these little babies so much. I'm going to try not to flood you guys with pictures but it's soooooo hard not to share everything that they do.

They are both 2 months old and they both weigh 9 grams.

Here's Sage. He is such a little mess and just had his first shed with me.

Right before the shed




Shedding (my poor baby)




Cooper Mini has settled in very well. He's been with me one week today. He was shedding when he arrived so I don't expect another shed from him for a few weeks.

Here's Cooper enjoying some outside time



A big yawn




Glad they have settled in so well! (We knew they would!) Don't worry about too many pictures, we'll be the judge of that ;).
They are both adorable! I cannot believe they only weigh 9 grams! They look alot bigger especially the Parsons!
Never too many pictures! They are both SO adorable. It will be fascinating and wonderful to see them grow up!

Love to see more pics Jann, there is a reaon to fall in love so much with those guys, they are so darn adorable!
I enjoy your pictures so post away. Looking forward to watching Sage as he grows up, he is going to be a handsome. Cooper is awesome!!!:)
Thank you everyone for looking at my babies once again. :D

Thank you for all the kind words and comments, too.
Jann,,,, your babies are making me want babies!!!!!!! Please don't post any more pictures!!!!!! ;)

And if you believe that, I've got this island to sell you!!!!!!

Love seeing your pics always!!!!!!!! Don't hold back, they're gorgeous!!!!!!!
So nice. Congrats. I am sure they will have a happy and long life with you. Don't spoil them too much. You know what happens to spoilt kids, right?
dont worry about too many pics, i was starting to wonder if you were trying to keep them from us ;) haha. there can never be too many pics of the babies!!! they grow too fast for that :)

they are both looking magnificent, and huffy in Sage's case in the shedding pics! :D they are both absolutely gorgeous and have the best mom in the world to share their lives with! so excited we get to watch them grow up! :D
Thank you so much everyone for the kind words about my babies. They are both just amazing to watch and care for. I am already in love with both of the. :)
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