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Hey everybody!

In 2 weeks I'm moving my veiled cham (1yr old) Lenny from Quebec city to Bathurst, New Brunswick. This is a 6 hour drive. Any tips or things I have to look out for so this trip goes as smoothly as possible?

I've never been in your situation, but here are the precautions I would take if I were....

If your moving during the day (with light outside), put him in a plastic container that is NOT clear, so he isnt looking around at stuff in the car (or whatever you're driving) and add stress. But, make sure the lid to your non-clear container IS clear, so that light can pass thru (from the top) and it wont be totally dark, otherwise he'll think its time to sleep...and you dont want to mess up his sleep schedule, like what usually happens when a cham is shipped because the boxes are dark obviously. On the other hand, if you're moving him at night, a completely dark container will work best so he can "try" to sleep and stay on schedule....hope this makes sense :)

In the container, make sure you put an object he can hold onto for the ride. Last thing you want is for him to be sliding around and causing more stress. For vet rides, I put a branch inside, with a wet, balled-up paper towel for moisture, and it works great.

Next, if you feed your veiled every other day, hopefully you move him on the day he's not being fed, just so you dont have to worry about whether or not he will eat from the potential stress resulting from the move. This isn't so important, but I would take this into consideration if possible.

Lastly, set up his cage "as it was" at your old house to prevent even more stress from having to re-learn his territory. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing, so we can learn from it!

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