Mouth rot??


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I just rehomed a cham that has been living in a pet store for at least the last year.
I have chams that are doing wonderful in all the recommended habitats and I just got him a few days ago, so it's not a lighting or temp issue.
He is sambava maybe 2 yrs old?
I wanted him a few months ago when I noticed his colours fading. I finally got him a few days ago.
He is lethargic and upon closer inspection he has black spots in his mouth along the gum, it's like a blackhead and when I picked at it, a green core came out and it left a little pit in his gum. There are also other things lurking under the gum line and his teeth and gums are a bit green too. His tongue is tinged with black.
He drinks constantly and ate three 1/2 grown tomato worms 3 days ago.
He has had two very watery poops, mushy light brown fecal, totally orange urate. I know this is dehydration, so he is drinking from the tap and waterbottle till he is satisfied. At least 3x a day.
A vet would be way too stressful for this guy, and I have access to panacur and baytril.
Any opinions on what this is and how to treat it?
Please no telling off for buying a sick animal from a pet store, some of us are just compelled to at least let them end their days in comfort. This guy is now in the LA sun, with all the water he wants to drink.
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I am a total newbie so I have no advice, but I think you did you a good thing! I "adopted" a fat tail gecko from a pet store cuz one eye was deformed and he couldn't see to hunt. I had to chase the crickets around to his good side! Even the sick need love, maybe more so than others! Good luck!
Glad to hear that you rescued him! I know some are against it, but I am glad that you are giving him a better home. I think it would be a good idea to post some pics of the suspected mouth rot so maybe some members that have first hand experience with that can comment. I know watery poops can suggest the parasites. Whatever it is it does not sound good. Good luck and I hope you can nurse him back to health.
I thought of posting pics, but holding the mouth open and trying to take a shot would be way to stressful for all involved. But it really does look just like a blackhead in the gum and you pick it out. There are three of them still in there, and other pits that suggest they have been there for awhile. I can't find anything like it on my internet search.
I'm not expert, but IMO get him to a good vet. chances are he'll need meds anyway and it would probably be good to have a fecal done as well.

hope all goes well
Its good to know that you are interested in saving it...but treating the mouthrot and giving it panacur without knowing whether baytril would work on the bacteria in the mouth or whether he has parasites or if he did whether the panacur would kill them is not the best option IMHO. A vet could do tests for both and clean out the mouth rot properly so it hopefully wouldn't come back.
Took him to the vet, it is mouth rot (stomatitis) which is a secondary infection due to low immune system and parasites, probably caused by living in a pet store.
Course of treatment is removing the sacs from his mouth once a week and he is on a course of baytril.
He has probably had this for years, so it's a last ditch effort since he is already weak. So I am trying to keep him hydrated and warm and it's so hard since he came here to a new enviroment and has that stress on top of being picked at and medicated.
Wish us luck :)
Sadly he didn't make it, too old and too long neglected.
They think the kidneys gave out, because all the water he was finally getting with me, just went right through him.
Delicate little buggers, they won't show illness till it's too late, which is why it's important to keep up with all the recommended requirements for them at all times.
At least he died in the sun, not in a back room. RIP buddy!
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