Monty - pretty in pink!

Miss Lily

Chameleon Enthusiast
Monty looks so handsome sitting in the tree amongst the blossom! I couldn't get any pics last year as we had bad weather and all the blossom blew away before I could take him outside. Sadly, it looks like it will be the same again this year so I took the chance to get some more pics today while the sun is still shining! :D

Great shots Tiff! Monty is handsome as always :) I love that shot of him happily soaking up some sun rays..
I love pics 2 and 4. As always there is never a bad pic of Monty. It is so nice to see him getting outside. I took Lenny out for a few minutes yesterday. We were only out a few minutes but I did manage a sunburn.
That was tha last day we had for a while to get him outside! He has learnt that if he sits and basks then I leave him alone, but the minute he starts climbing that little bit higher I take him off the tree! I love my boy so much! :D
I think its a Japanese ornamental cherry tree, or soemthign like that - it ws in the garden when we moved into the house back in '98, so it is fairly slow growing. I have a thing about taking photos of my chameleons in the blossoms, lol! The only one I can't put in the tree is Zippy as I would lose him instantly! :eek:
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