MistKing Pump not working


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Hi! So I got my first MistKing around December and I finally got around to setting it up.
The problem is that when the timer goes off, I can hear the pump going but no water goes through. Ive read about priming the pump but I’m not sure how to do that as well.
Any help would be appreciated!


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To prime the pump simply unplug your nozzle from the hose. Run the MK By holding the ^^ button, let the water run until there is no air and it is flowing consistantly. Plug nozzles back in and try again,Hope this helps!

By letting the water run until there is no air, do you mean just let water run from the bucket, to the pump to where the nozzle would let out? I've tried that and the problem seems to be water isnt coming through the tubing between the pump and the nozzle. Thanks for the reccomendation!


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Also, make sure the water line hook up follows the arrow on the pump.
(The direction the water will flow)


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Is the reservoir placed above the pump?
The pump can't suck water from the reservoir if it is below the pump.
Also, have you removed the caps from the mist heads?
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