US Might have to part way with 2 adult panthers, free local pickup(PA) to great home


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Sorry this isn't really a sale, but figured it was best place to post this. I made a similar thread awhile back in the general, but then I thought I was going to be able to keep them. Well, it's looking more like I will have to give them away with our living situation up in the air. Where we are probably moving it doesn't look like I'll have space for my parson's and 2 Panthers, along with 2 cats. I plan to keep my parson's and build something cat proof, but with a family and remodeling, I won't have time or space to do that for all 3. Down the road when I have some time/space to build enclosures I'll probably get back into keeping more species.
Just wanted to give an explanation for parting with these guys if it comes to that(I should know within the month...) because they are special to us and we'd miss them.

The ambanja panther is about 2.5 years old and the nosey be is about 2years and 3 months. Both from kammerflage. The nosey be has had an unknown tongue issue for awhile with nothing coming up on fecal checks and everything else fine. He still accepts food, but he has to get close to eat. I can have some last minute fecals done before I hand them over just to be safe.

All I ask is for someone with experience, to show me the enclosures you'd plan to keep them in(larger than reptibreeze, nosey be is in a DS atrium and the other is free ranged), along with good feeders, supplements, supplies, summer outdoor time, etc. If you can pick them up and provide this I'll let them go for free. I may consider shipping if I have to, but I'd prefer not. I'm in the Pittsburgh area.

Lastly, I'm not actively selling any supplies, and that is for a different forum, but if you're interested in taking these guys and would happen to want to buy the dragonstrand atrium or anything else you may need with them just let me know and we can figure something out.

Feel free to message with any questions or if you need more pictures.

Some pictures of the 2 below


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