Male or Female Veiled Cham


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So as I've seen, this is a popular question among some newbie owners - which my husband and I are 😊 We have been going back and forth with our Veiled chameleon (Yoshi) trying to figure out if we have a male or female. We have even gone to the lengths of putting a laying bin in Yoshi's habitat just in case. We have seen other male chameleons with large casque and vibrant colors, but Yoshi doesn't seem to have a large casque yet and we haven't seen vibrant colors yet either. We do not take Yoshi out of his habitat whatsoever so he's solid green most of the time. He does have tarsal spurs though, but we have heard of some females having them? So we're still not 100% sure. I'm interested in what other owners might think.

Sorry for the photo bomb, just wanted to show the transition from when we first got Yoshi to today 🤗


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