tips on male veiled chameleon?

hello! i recently have lost my little girl yoshi. she was two years old and was a female veiled chamelon. I have spent lots of time grieving over her, and not complete sure if i will get a new chameleon yet, but i'm keeping an open mind. i know that many people don't understand how losing a reptile is hard, but this group seems that they would understand. it hurts to lose a pet and that's why i'm not sure if i can open up to getting another, but i really think i would like to.
i was wondering if having a male is all that different from having a female. i was told that females are a lot more difficult because of their eggs and whatnot. so would having a male be easier? feel free to ask any questions on cafe size, lights, etc. (that i have from past chameleon).
i have a long time before even considering a new chameleon, but just wanted to know some other peoples opinions..:)

thank you! 💕
I’m very sorry for your loss of your beloved Yoshi. IMO it makes no difference what species of companion one has, but the connection or love for it that matters.
I have both female and male, panther and veiled. I love them all for their unique selves. I do worry more for my ladies with their egg production/laying even though I know my husbandry is as close to perfect as I can get it. However, having your husbandry as close to perfect as possible is just as important for keeping your males healthy too. Starting with a chameleon from a reputable and responsible breeder will also have an important role.
I don’t know how long it’s been since you lost Yoshi, but make sure to take time to think about what you want and prepare properly to give whatever animal you choose the very best. 💗
No veiled males just seem to get a little more on the grumpy side/ territorial as they mature from what ive noticed but each have their own personality. Imo its easier than a female cuz you dont have to deal with egg buckets but thats the main difference.
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