male "laying egg" that's not there?

so at the nature center up the street from my house there are three jackson's chameleons.(wc, 1 male, 2 females) so today my dad and sister went up there to visit the animals and the worker said that the Male chameleon was trying to "lay and egg" that wasn't there. i don't have many details but i am kinda concerned for him. i know there care is not the best it could be but there is nothing i can do about that. the worker there said the cham didn't want to be touched and didn't even want his cage opened. he is normally friendly and i am very worried about him. i can ask my dad to maybe take me up there again later today when i finish y homework. any help is appreciated.


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First, I know little to nothing about Jackson’s care. However, my concern would be that the male could be impacted and trying to poo. Do you know if the center has had them tested and treated for parasites? The male could also maybe be having a problem with his hemipenes.


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Oh this is so sad! I agree with miss skittles that he’s either impacted or having problems with his hemipenes. They need to get him to a vet! Its so hard with Hawaii being so anti chameleon because they are an invasive species but it’s not his fault he was brought there! He still needs help!
thank you. i am really sad because i don't have a chameleon so he is the closet thing i have to one. i will definitely go up there this afternoon and tell a worker he needs to go to a vet. thank you everyone
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