Magnolia branch


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Hey guys,
So,I have a big magnolia tree in my yard and was thinking about using some of the branches for Gizmo's new enclosure.
My question is: Will the flowers hurt him if he eats them,or,should I just strip the branches?


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I don't know about magnolia in particular. What I was told is to strip any branches. Leave them for 24 hours to make sure they do not ooze sap. If they do not then you are good to go for use. I did go ahead and scrub mine down with hot water and dawn soap prior and rinsed really well then let them dry off prior to using but I also live in an area where we have all sorts of fun nasty stuff growing and living in the trees. Not to mention lots of birds living in them and pooping on them.


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I’ve read some people have used magnolia branches. What you can do to kill off any nasties on the branches would be bake them in them oven or use hot water and scrub them off reallllly good with dawn dish soap like Beman said.
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