Madagascar Import for Sale!

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We are very excited this evening to share an amazing upcoming shipment fresh out of Madagascar!

As you all know, we just completed and shipped out some amazing animals from the past shipment which arrived a couple of weeks ago and we are ready to once again provide some awesome animals.

Below you will find a listing of some of the specific species that will be arriving shortly with current pricing.

All Calumma Parsonii 'locales' $1500 each

This will include: Yellow Lip, Orange Eye, Cristifer, Green Giant and Yellow Giant. Both male and females available

Calumma O'Shaughnessy $500 each
Calumma brevicorne $450 each
Calumma nasutum $250 each
Calumma Malthe $500 each

furcifer Campani (jeweled chameleon) $175 each
furcifer lateralis (carpet Chameleons) $125 each
furcifer antimena $500 each
furcifer bifidus $1100 each
furcifer willsi $450 each

furcifer pardalis (Panthers). $275 each *all locales*

The following locales are coming for sure, but feel free to let us know what others you may be interested in.
- Boraha
- Ambanja
- Antahala
- Sambava
- Cap Est

brookesia thieli $65 each
brookesia stumpffi $65 each
brookesia superciliaris $65 each
brookesia therezieni $65 each
brookesia bryggoi $150 each

Please note that if there are other quota species that you are interested in but do not see here, please reach out to us to inquire.

All prices are for 'each' animal and pairs/trios are available. Shipping will be $50 for the majority of orders.

As always, if you would like to reserve and hold one of these amazing species for yourself, a 50% deposit is required.

We expect the animals to arrive here in the US by Mid February, in approximately 6 weeks.

For more information, questions, or inquiries about what else is available, please reach out to us at [email protected] or for a faster response, call Steve at 901-550-1723

Pictures below are of some of the actual animals received on the last Madagascar shipment that arrived 2 weeks ago.


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