Madagascar Trip Hunt for the Green Giant

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Well tomorrow is the start of another epic Madagascar adventure. After the insane 27+ hours of travel to get there from Southern California we then board another plane and travel to Maroansetra in the Northeast of Madagascar. From there we take a boat ride to get to our destination, Masoala National Park on the Masoala Peninsula.
This is the largest National Park in Madagascar and one of the most remote. It is also the wettest place in Madagascar.

Our main reason for going there besides it being super cool and beautiful is we will be in search of the Green Giant Parson’s chameleon. In all the years I’ve been interested in parson’s chameleons I’ve probably only seen less than 10 pictures of them.

It’s also home of the critically endangered red ruffed lemur among countless other cool creatures.

We will be staying in this area for a week and then we will be off to other locations in Madagascar to find more Parson’s locales such as Orange eyes, Yellow Giants and Calumma parsonii cristifer along with many other cool types of chameleons, geckos, amphibians and mammals.

I plan to post pictures when I can but I expect cell service to be spotty at best. This place has been on my wish list for years. Wish us luck!
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Hope you have a fantastic adventure and see all the things you want to see and more! Wow!!

I hope you see, in addition to all the chameleons… many lemur species, aye-ayes, uroplatus geckos, fosas, tenrecs, tomato frogs…and maybe some insects like hissing roaches, giant millipedes and an unusual moth…the sunset moth…bright colours…looks like a swallow-tailed butterfly…etc!
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