Madagascar Hissing Roach nymphs

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mix size, un-sexed nymphs (.25" - 1.5" mix)
$1.00 each (for 50 qty or more) and $9 shipping

I have sorted the breeders based on different traits (they are hybrids), please include what you prefer in request. These are the groups...

  • typical: look like typical Madagascars and are mellow personalities.
  • giant/black: this group I placed the largest and darkest colors (some black). These are more aggressive and evasive.
  • tigers: These are more colorful with some tricolors in the group.

Extra Adult Males 1.5 - 2.5 inches
$1.00 each extra males (buy 50-75 males I can go down to .80 cents ea.)
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