US Cheap madagascar hissing roaches


Hi there!

After the dubias by pound, I would like to give my hissing roaches away for, again, the cheapest price you can find.

I am thinking about giving them for 50 cents each regardless to the size. I have subadults/small adults (hard to tell) and youngs (less than 2 inches).

I also should have 1 or 2 HUGE males, the largest I have seen in hissing roaches. I am attaching a picture but it is hard to realise how big it is. Thay would do awesome breeders to bring good new genesI would like to give those for 5 dollars.

i would like to sell for at least 20 dollars at a time. If you take the entire colony (probably around 100 roaches) I can do a price. You can pick them up in Raleigh NC our I can ship them if you pay the shipment.

My panthers LOVE hissing roaches. That was unexpected as they seem to have a very strong cuticle but they like them much more than Dubia. When the roaches are too big for the chameleon, I wait them to mold and then you can oversize a bit what you feed your chams with. They will chew them enthusiastically!

Let me know if you have any question!



Sorry for those who asked me those days but they are all sold out.
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