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Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Panthro413, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Panthro413

    Panthro413 Established Member

    I recently purchased some Black Soldier Flies for my little guy who happens to love them. Anyway, The problem with buying Calci/Phoenix worms is that you have to wait for them to get to pre pupae stage and that can take a while and start stinking up the place. So I found this BSF dealer by the name of "Vivotein" on Ebay who actually sells them in pre pupae stage and is very helpfull and knows his BSF! So I got my order in, waited 3 days and the pre pupae batch I placed in my enclosure has now hatched and are emerging. My cham loves it! I just figured id let you guys know incase some of you want to switch up your chams diet being that the BSF "Black Soldier Fly" is pretty nutritious. Ill provide a ebay link to the seller as well as a link to a video of my cham eating one upon hatching and emerging. Make sure to request all black in pre pupae stage and let him know you're getting them to feed as a fly.

    The dealer

    My cham eating one


  2. Monta

    Monta Established Member

    My panther likes them too. I bought 2 containers from Josh’s Frogs... one the Phoenix brand and the other Josh’s own product. I must say I got a lot more for my money buying Josh’s culture than the Phoenix brand.
  3. Panthro413

    Panthro413 Established Member

    250+ For $9.99 is what I paid. What I like about it is that I can request them full grown black in pre pupae stage. So only have to wait like 3 days till they hatch upon arrival. No wait.
  4. Monta

    Monta Established Member

    I did notice that the one company had them in a white plastic cup , where the other company uses a clear plastic deli cup. The clear container hatched a lot of flies . I do believe the light helped in that.
  5. jenbun

    jenbun Member

    Thx for the recommendation :) great price with the free shipping. I'll have to ask if it's safe to ship to chicago :)
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  6. Panthro413

    Panthro413 Established Member

    Def safe, Ships from Cali, I live in Massachusetts and all went smooth. Wont be a prob to Chicago or anywhere else in the U.S..
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  7. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    I got mine from dubiaroaches.com. I got 500 for I think $15.
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  8. Monta

    Monta Established Member

    I just ordered BSF from Ebay, I’ll let you know how they are . I leave In Ohio. Suppose to get a cold snap here next week so this is a good time now to get them. I heard it’s going to be cold till next year LOL . Next year is just around the corner. The weather people like drama here
    Winter Is Coming!!:LOL: I say bring it!
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  9. Panthro413

    Panthro413 Established Member

    Itl be fine, they go into a hybridization stage in cooler weather.
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  10. Ceycham

    Ceycham Member

    Does anyone know of any studies that have determined the nutritional value of the adult BSF? I've heard all sorts of stuff about the great ca:p ratio of the larvae, but could not find a single thing reported on the adults. My cham loves them too, and they are so easy...we buy about 250 of the larvae and feed them as daily snacks. Its much more than we need, but eventually some pupate and emerge...usually a few a day. I love this...it's like the perfect daily snack amount! But I am leery of assuming they hold the same great nutritional value. Awesome if they do!
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  11. Panthro413

    Panthro413 Established Member

    No, but I did ask the same question to the bsf dealer upon purchasing and he said

    "The way bsfl work is that when they go into pupae stage they start to collect all the energy and nutrients possible and they become straight and stiff. Once the fly is born/hatched they must reuse all the energy and nutrient that the larvae had kept. I wouldn’t say it’s more nutritious but it does carry a good amount."
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  12. nick barta

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    Check out lindasgonebuggie.com for BSF and most feeders used for chameleons.


  13. Mj442k

    Mj442k New Member

    Just got my first shipment of silkworms in today!!! The chameleons love em!

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