Looking to get back into breeding,, maybe carpet chams. Need info.


Hay everyone,, I bred some Jacksons back in 2001.It took me a while to work out my methods with the babies. But once i raised the humidity i was doing as well can be expected with jax.

So, I'm currently looking at 4 diff species of chams. I will select 1 and only 1 to start. Jacksons, veils, panthers and a new comer to me, carpets.

I have read a lot of care of the carpet chameleon but breeding info and good info seems hard to come by. The web is like going into a bar with 200 people all talking and only 2-3 know the read information lol. Not trying to disrespect anyone, but MAN is the web cluttered with redundant information.

I just wonder if I can have a few links from people that successfully breed them. Also FULL info on their care. Gut loading can mean so many things. What supplement and how often is a key info too.

I'm really looking forward to getting back into a herp with legs. They long tongue is just a very cool bonus.

Thanks in advance. I;m going to try to add an image of a new born jax I had in 2001.

Thanks :)

My article could use some updating but the main points are there. I've always got lots of babies...so if you end up choosing a carpet just send me a PM, or I can steer you in the direction of other reputable breeders as well.

Excellent article

That was one of the most thorough articles I have read on chams. Most seem to skip specific information to talk about general information.

They are a cool little cham I have just recently discovered.

Many thanks for the article.

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