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Well my baby Veiled wont be a baby forever and since I had intended to do this in the first place i"m ready to look into a larger enclosure where he can stay the rest of his days, I don't have much building skills though and honestly wouldn't mind paying for shipping so please can anyone recommend a place to look?

I've considered this but it just doesn't seem fit for an adult despite what they say - http://www.chameleonsonly.com/Screen-Enclosures.htm - the large one of course for 200$
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Check top of this forums homepage: contest sponsers LLLreptile and Bluebeast also Cages.net.
Great dimensions for an adult male veiled: 24" x 24" x 48" tall.

That's really up to you.
Smaller mesh allows less UVB penetration but keeps bugs in.
Larger mesh allows maximum UVB penetration but some feeders may escape.
I have the worst of both of these. Fine mesh on a home-built, anything but bug-proof enclosure :rolleyes: .

check eBay for the seller whitenile333 (in fact, he has 2x2x4 for $98 shipped online now). I got my first cage from him and still use it for a variety of things. Reptiledepot.com has screen cages and of course Tyler at bluebeastreptile.com

most of us use 2'x2'x4' all screen cages. Many have the flip panel at the bottom, but for Cyrus I switched it with the top panel so he has a little door to get in and out of his cage to his "gym"

If you get the 2x2x4 I suggest getting one with the panel at top and bottom (one flips out and the other is stationary) as it gives better support on such a tall cage.

hope this helps!
Went with the larger mesh as suggested by a lady at cages.net

Thanks Lele, although I went ahead and ordered the 24x24x48 from cages.net just minutes ago, So far I've had a positive experience with them though can't wait for it too arrive.
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While we're on the subject...should I use one or two 24" Fluorescents for the 2x2x4?
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You want a basking light as well that creates a temp of 80 to 90 degrees in the "basking spot".
The lights should shine in seperate areas so your cham either can choose to bask or be under the UVB, or go lower to cool off.
Temps in my 4' high enclosure range from 68 to 89 degrees (bottom of enclosure to basking perch).
This 20 degree range allows the animal to thermoregulate or choose what temp it wants to be at any given time.
Lights will be mounted on the outside of the enclosure and the basking spot at a distance to create the right temp while avoiding burns. You'll have plenty of time to play around with all this and get it just right before he moves in.
Zoomed 5.0 or 10.0 are the preferred UVB flourescent lamps.

I only use one. reptisun 5.0 by ZooMed is commonly used and recommended. Remember to change every 6 months and keep in mind that fluorescents loose their light at either end fairly rapidly. So if you have a 4' light, you really only have 3' (minus 6" each end) of strong, usable light. If you have not yet seen it, here is a good UVB site: http://www.uvguide.co.uk/

as for the cage, well, I think you, Brad and I were all writing at the same time. You could probably cancel your order and they may even honor the lower price you found. Don't know, just a thought. If you are happy with their service that can count for a lot! ;)

I have always used the 5.0 for chams because they generally stay within the top 12" of the enclosure for any extended period (and the 10.0 are relatively new to the market). I use the 10.0 for my dragon b/c his tank is 21" deep and his basking spot is over 1' below the light.

Btw, LLL Reptile is having a nice sale on reptisun lights right now ;)
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