looking for some ideas on heating


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Next winter I'll be bring my 1.2 veils inside my lighty insulted garage. I'm looking for a way to keep the encloures warm at night. I'm open to any and all sugguestion. So far I'm planning on going the ceramic route. I'll also be covering the sides up with a thick plastic to help retain heat. Any help would be helpful...
where do you live and what do you think you can keep the temps at?
in south Texas we have very mild winters for instance this long for the next 7 days is around 40 with highs in the 60's it can dip down into the lower 30's but that's really about it and when it does it 'll only last a few days. At my last house I was able to keep them(9 total) in my garage with no problems I just don't recall how I did it. I'm thinking about going the ceramic route or maybe small room heater. I'm running a dedicated 20amp circuit for these guys.
I would consider the ceramic heaters or even just a small electric heater, that stays plugged in and will come on when it gets how ever cold you allow it to get to before you feel you need heat. Then I would get a digital thermometer to measure high and low temps just to be sure.
Ok I figured it out asked the wife if I could add a separate room in the garage for chameleons and she approved!!
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