Live plant soil blocker?


Hello, so I am finished building my cage now I'm buying the stuff for the inside and well I want to get live plants but I have a little demonic veiled cham who is going to eat the soil. Does anybody know a good solution to this where water can still get to the plant?


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Small smooth river rocks or those flattened out marbles work well. Feeders tend to hide in between and under this kind of thing so keep that in mind when deciding what you want to do.


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I got these little bags of River Rock from Hobby Lobby, they were like $3 a piece, I just washed them really well


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Yep same as stated the larger river rock. I had to go a step further though and put screen material between the dirt and rock. Beman loved going after the dirt when he was a baby so if he could see even a small amount that was it for him lol. I used the screen that was not metal it is like a nylon material. It worked well for me because it made my planters lighter then having to add tons of river rock so he couldn’t find any dirt. Now I just have like a 1 inch layer on top of the screen.
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