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Frado on friday seemed to do everything normal. was somewhat lighter color to him but then would change dark. Same saturday but headed to bed about an hour or more early, Which i hear is normal. But today He was dark most of the morning so i put him in the shower even though i have been seeing him drinking. He lightened his color for a minute while he drank and went back dark. Put him in his basking spot and he went a little lighter, than changed. Fed him a worm. Then awhile later i tried using warm water from my sprayer. He turned lighter and went down into the trees and started drinking and stayed there. I checked on him awhile later and he was asleep.. I have been using exo tera for my heat and humidity levels, but have been noticing they are very inconsistent. I went and bought a new digital one and put it in his basking spot. It was reading 65 while the exo-terra was reading 80.. So i switched bulbs from 60 W to 75 W and the basking went up to 81. From the tree moving with me changing the thermo. He woke up so i put him up under the light because he felt VERY cold. He seemed to enjoy that and stayed. For my last misting (6pm) he was back half way down the tree, facing down, dark again but still awake. Its now 7 and lights just turned off.

Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Ambi panther. male. about 4 months. had him 4 days including the delivery day
* Handling - Picked him up to put him on another plant outside of his cage yesterday to change something in his cage and add a draining system, and put him in the shower today
* Feeding - Crickets and Meal worms. 2 crickets friday, one cricket plus 3 meal worms saturday, and one meal worm today. I have been feeding him as much as he will eat. I figure he is not eating as much since he is just settling in? I just have carrots and apples in the cricket bin. I am going "gut load" shopping tomorrow
* Supplements - dusted almost all of his food withOUT d3. the meal worm today HAD d3. I also have multi that will be given next week
* Watering -I am using tap water that is filtered. I spray for a couple mintues, atleast 4 times a day. totally drenching the cage. I have seen him drink quite a bit. Including in the shower today.
* Fecal Description - His droppings friday were just pure brown, kinda slimy looking. Today he had one that was quite a bit from with white tip. NO yellow
* History -

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - Screen. 18 x 18 x 36
* Lighting - I was using a 60 W till today and switched to 75 like i listed above. Also a 5.0 UVB tube.
* Temperature - well.. with my NEW thermo. His high was 81 in basking. I have a heater in my room set to keep the room at 65. NO lights are on at night.
* Humidity - The new thermo. also has the humidity gauge. Today is was measuring around 45-50 before misting, and up to 85 after.
* Plants - One Live Ficus
* Placement - In my bedroom. No open vets. top of the cage is prob and 5 feet.
* Location - UTAH

Current Problem - I am worried about him being dark so much and a little sleeping in the day. I read on hear that sometimes more light will stop them from doing so. I added an extra 60 W lamp aways back aiming towards the side to add light only and it lit it up well. I just wanna be sure everything is ok before it gets out of hand.
You are right in inquiring about things you are unsure of like you said before things could get worse, not saying that is the case of course. Your cham is very new to its surroundings so I would not be too worried about hiim being dark right now. I would however, be more concerned with him sleeping during the day which Its seems you know is not normal and not a good thing. A 4 month old cham should be eating anywhere from 10-15 small crickets a day. Again, he is new but if his appetite does not increase and he keeps sleeping, then I have to say there is probably a problem going on here. Parasites can cause a chameleon to be lethargic and can also cause a loss of appetite. Not saying that is what it is but maybe just something to consider. Your set up seems good and I don't see anything that stands out that would be causing your cham to not want to eat or close his eyes during the day. So you are saying now, you corrected the basking and it is at 81 then? You could bump up the basking another 5 degrees or so. At 4 months my panther was basking at about 85 degrees and he was fine. Also, make sure to use the calcium with d3 a couple of times a month and the cal without at every feeding.
Well he Looks better today. I called while i was at work and my mom said he has been moving around and lighter color. I just got home and he is basking and is a nice color now. And as far as i can tell, all the free range crickets i put in are gone (10) Thanks for the advice guys
I like people who ask for help, get good advice , follow it & it all works out. Those ladies took good care of you and Frado.
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