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  1. lyanlynn

    lyanlynn New Member

    Hi! I was wondering if this would be a good light to get for my new baby when she comes. It's $40 at Petsmart and she should be arriving any day now. I'll post pics of her finished home when I get everything together. Anywho, here's the link:

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  2. Brad Ramsey

    Brad Ramsey Retired Moderator

    Why don't you go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get a fixture for about $10?

  3. AncientCritters

    AncientCritters Established Member

    That would be a better route. Then get a reptisun from LLL for 14 bucks.
  4. Brad Ramsey

    Brad Ramsey Retired Moderator

    Then you're all set with the best you can have for $24 plus a little shipping.

  5. kenya

    kenya New Member

    Agreed! has the best prices anywhere for reptile supplies, especially the repti-sun bulbs. You can pick a cheap fixture up at Home Depot or Lowes. I use a metallic silver tape in my fixtures as well to maximize reflection of lights. I also order my lightbulbs in bulk to save on shipping and keep about a year and a half's worth on hand.
  6. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    I use a ton of those Slimline fixtures-but I replaced the bulbs with Reptisuns-they do look nice on top of a cage-however I also use WalMart undercabinet $7.00 fixtures with Reptisuns. Whatever you get remove any lenses that cover the bulb-they block the UVB.
  7. Don't waste the money for that fixture at Petsmart.... You canget a lamp at WalMart for 10 bucks and replace the lamp with a $14 tube Reptisun from LLL.
  8. Chamaeleoeo

    Chamaeleoeo New Member

    summoner and brad are very correct. its an expensive hobby. save every penny you can and still have a correct set up...those slimlines are no good
  9. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    They are actually a good fixture-I picked up a ton of them for less than $20.00-but replaced the bulbs with Reptisuns-I would not pay the $40+ price however.
  10. lyanlynn

    lyanlynn New Member

    Thanks! I couldn't find any fixtures at Lowes, but I did find the $7 one at Walmart. I was just wondering if that light was worth the money. I'll definitely hit up walmart to get the fixture.
  11. Chamaeleoeo

    Chamaeleoeo New Member

    damn 20!!! i bought one for my pixie frog and it was almost 50...
  12. JoshCrane1

    JoshCrane1 New Member

  13. BigR

    BigR New Member

    Ditto on the fixture itself being good, but ditch the bulb and the plastic covering over the bulb. I learned long ago no to use products labelled "Super". You would still be better off going to a home improvement store though, since for $40 you could get 2 or three fixtures.

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