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Would it be suitable if i get a normal 2ft T5 dual aquarium fixture of 24w (doesnt says on the box that it a T5 HO fixture. Just normal 24 watt T5 fixture.) and replace the fluorecent bulb to a Reptisun T5 5.0 HO fluorecent bulb and a Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic Super Daylight Bulb T5 HO??? Both Reptisun fluorecent bulbs would be 24 Watts, 22-Inch.
It would work but the bulbs would no work as they should. They need to go in a HO fixture. Have a look at the Arcadia HO T5 bulbs from light your reptile. The last a full year and are better then zoome in my opinion.
2 fluorescent lights sounds a bit overkill! You would need the uv strip (IMO T5's are the best) but you need a basking bulb too.
Im planning on using 1 fluorecent bulb for uv and another one for the plants and also extra brightness.
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