Let's see those GIANT panthers


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Post 'em if you got 'em, with size reference. There has to be one out there over 2 feet:eek: I'll start with this WC guy, around 9" stv, 19" total.


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I would love to see a two foot panther I think the bigger they are the more unique in some ways and I just like holding a huge chameleon


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Ha, I just saw VerteX's post just now! Unfortunately, we lost Parang but he was around 18.5 inches and was, I'd have to find an old vet receipt, but somewhere in the 280 gram range from what I remember. Big. I've currently got a big Maro that I may just throw on the scale tonight out of curiosity. As for Parang, I think this shot is probably the best for size reference:

Now, the craziest thing I've ever seen was a wildcaught at Live Cargo Reptiles in La Mesa, CA sometime in the early to mid-90s. He was practically colorless, almost like a very unattractive Nosy Boraha and was easily 22 inches or more. Much bigger than almost all the Oustalet's I've seen in a long time (except that one found wild in Colorado) and probably as long as any Meller's around. I've really never seen another panther in 18 years that was anywhere near his size in captivity, wild photos, anywhere! Freakish!

Cool thread, hope it gets longer. :)


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Wow kent, thats funny u bring that old panther up that was in Live Cargo i remember him very clearly and yes he was very huge. Seems if my memory servers me right he was a purple/brown with a really bright white stripe. None of my guys are any where close to the 200 range lol. what big boys these are.:eek:


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Not sure if Jake Bernstein still visits this forum, but he recieved a wc diego suarez that passed soon after its arrival into his care (if my memory serves me right) and he posted a picture of its dead body next to a ruler and it was 23" I believe. Maybe he'll chime in and post the pic.

Found the thread here. Not 23" but I could have sworn there was someone on here with a massive diego. Still a huge panther here. https://www.chameleonforums.com/bad-day-11027/

Dave Weldon

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Here's my Nosy Be' that had to be put down last November because of complications due to squamous cell cancer. I had him from 3 months to around 5.5yrs-old. He weighed about 274 grams before I put him on a diet and brought him down to about 245 grams where he stayed for many years. At 2 yrs-old he was about 18" tip-to-tip.



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well here is mine! this is norm with ona she is 3 years old and kinda big for her age norm is 3 i think and is like 270 something grams lol but he is real close to 2 feet by a inch or 2 his tail when straight out was way past her fingers


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dc2ap2 do you have any pics of him on a ruler? He looks big but little girls can range in size so much :)
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