Lets play help me sex my chams...


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I recently posted some pics of my hatchlings fired up with a nice amount of red on their throats showing....my assumption would be that they would be males... however after reading the sex your baby panther thread Im totally confused.:confused:

Here are the candidates

Currently named Candy - (originally assumed female - displays more white circles than joined white line, no throat colour, displays more dark circles than bands, commonly dark brown with light circles and the vents are quote pronounced...




Currently named Rango - Im pretty certain hes a boy based on all theories, he display strong solid white band, red throat colour and wide based tail.




Currently named Kermit - Originally presumed a boy but looking closely now has a clearly tapered tail, colours displayed seem pinkish and salmon tones with red throat but have noticed throat poach is not as big as others.




Experts can I have your opinions please?



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Lol.. I thought as much after re-reading the thread.

Kermit is massive compared to the others as well and noticed her head is more tapered whereas the other two have very stocky heads.

I also just had an egg hatch very early today around 5.5mths but the egg is tiny, half the size of the others...

Thanks guys
It's been said, but I'll add. The first two are indeed male, while the last looks to be female.
These three are super evident! It seems the last couple threads have been tricky. Although, its easier in person and there is a stage where its hard to tell. Youngsters like these tend to be easier, for me at least. The third one has what I call the "V":rolleyes::D Females tend to have this "V", or what looks to be a "V" to me. Some call them indents but it really does make a V shape:p

Congrats on the hatchlings! They look nice and healthy. The "fat necks" should go away eventually.
I think Im getting the hang of this!

Thanks guys...

Big shout out to Eric Thompson of Chameleons101 as well top bloke!!!

Thanks for always being on call to answer my questions day and night lol...

ok I'm confused!! what do you see on the first 2 that makes them males?? they look the same as the ones i posted and everyone told me female!?!?
If you look at the male pics.. the males tail base joins up straight to the main body.

Females tails are more slender so when it joins the body the pelvis sticks out slighting showing it as a little indent or a V

This is my girl


This is one of the boys


Perhaps get some more pics and repost so the experts can have a look again :D
:confused::confused:ok I think I might see I always looked for a bump at the base of the tale :confused::confused:

I know my one is a girl she is always a pinkish brown color shows really pretty orange colors when relaxed and brighter ones when upset. but my other that had both make and female underneath it Idk it shows alot of green its dosent show the browns like the other




Yep thats a girl... see how her body sticks out lower than the where the tail joins to the body?

The join is angled like an upside down V in females where as in males the join is pretty much straight
thanks :) I think shes gonna be a more colorful female she has so much green on her!!
heres my brat shes the one thats always a pinkish/orangie browns and attitude!! I think her name is going to be Malficent!


I think she has female colors. Can't be sure about the bulge or v or whatever.:(

I get confused with the v and bulge cuz i didnt see in the ones everyone was saying were males at the begining of this thread :) I'm pretty sure shes a female too shes always such a pretty shade of orange but the other one i just dont know its a tricky one I thought female but shes showing alot of green but since i'm so new i wont disagree with anyone :eek:
At that age the males are not going to have a bulge because they are not sexually mature and the hemipenes are not fully developed to their full size. They will, however, have a slightly different anatomy than females to accomodate the organ once it enlarges. It might be helpful to look at some pics of adult females in the same position so you can see how the tail tapers up and creates the V that Cain mentioned. The anatomy is the same in baby females just on a smaller scale. If the ventral profile seems to go straight across the bottom of the tail to the vent it is a male and that deeper tail base is where the adult hemipenes will be stored. Sorry if that was too redundant. I'm sleepy. :)
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