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Hello everybody! I know it’s been a while, as I have taken a break, but I believe it is time to get another chameleon! Unfortunately, I have to make some space, so I have 2 great leopard geckos for sale right now.

Here is one of my males, Mack. He is a Mack Snow Rainwater ph Cyclone. He is a great guy, and he is $150.

Here is Asteroid, one of my females. She is a Black Hole het Tremper, and she is probably the nicest gecko I have ever owned! She has a re-grown tail tip from before I owned her, and she is $225.

I am willing to negotiate prices, and I would love to send these guys to a loving home! They are available for pickup in the Los Angeles area, and please message me with questions.

Thank you, and Happy Chameleon Keeping!!!
Unfortunately Im not in your area, but they are stunning, and look very healthy! I bet they will sell quickly.
Still available, I need the space if anybody is interested. You can have the setup, lighting, and gecko, which is worth way more than $100, which is what they are priced at.
Sorry for the delay, I would be willing, contact me if you are interested. If that is what it takes to get them to the right home, then I will be willing to do so.
Whats the status on these?

Going around the forums looking at leopard gecko content. They are simple, but also one of my favorites, and my first ever species. :)
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