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My female veiled is digging her hole to lay her eggs. She was bred on 8-06-06 which would make tommorow 4 weeks.I fed and watered her at 9:00 AM, and went back upstairs around noon to get something and did not see her under her basking lamp so I hid out for a few minutes and watched then I saw some of the sand in the bucket was pushed up in the back and I could see her tail and back legs sticking out of the hole under a plant where she was digging. I snuck out of there and started fixing my egg container;(clear cointainer with holes in lid,moist vermiculite,and thermometer)If anybody knows how long she may take to lay the eggs or has any other pointers they would be greatly appreciated.:eek:
Veileds can dig the same hole for several days or they can dig several different holes before they really get down to don't be surprised if she doesn't lay them right away. They can also dig the hole and then fall asleep in it overnight. When she has dug the hole to her satisfaction, she will turn around in it and lay the eggs. The actual egg laying can take several hours.

I always let the female finish and fill the hole back in and climb back up into the branches before I dig up the eggs.

Its a good idea to have the container ready to put the eggs in! The vermiculite should be just barely moist. If you take a fist full of it you should only be able to squeeze a drop or two of water out of it. I have incubated my veiled eggs at about 78F and have had very good luck with that temperature.

Good luck!
I only thing I would throw in is she will probably be real dehydrated. Some more then others so be ready to deal with that. Maybe throw her in the shower she will be very dirty to so it will take care of both at once.
eggs are layed

The eggs are layed,in 24 hours she dug the hole layed 39 eggs and covered them. I handfed a couple of crickets and gave her a shower,she is basking like nothing ever happened.I have posted some pics of her and the eggs in my gallery. All the eggs but 3 look nice and white,just like the ones I've seen pics of,the 3 in ? are 1/2 the size of the others but everyone says don't throw any away til you know they are dead.If anyone thinks of anything I am missing jump right in. I need to start looking for food for the babies and where is a couple of good online vendors:cool:
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Veiled Eggs

I wouldn't buy any food just yet. My first clutch of veiled eggs took 9+ months to hatch. I have a clutch hatching right now that was laid last December. If you plan to use an incubator, maybe your eggs will hatch faster. I just left mine in a closet.

The good thing is that I had a 100% hatch rate and they all crawled out within 3 days. It took patience, but they were definitely worth the wait. :p
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Veiled Eggs

That clutch had 41 babies. They all hatched out alert, plump and strong. Maybe because they stayed in the egg so long. My panther clutches on the other hand have hatched in shorter time, but come out very small, skinny and fragile.

I have a new clutch of veiled babies hatching right now and the hatchlings are as big as my 20 day old panthers. In fact, some may be bigger. If I get a chance on Friday, I'll try to take a picture and post it.

Good luck with your eggs.
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