Largest chameleon?


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Has anyone actually seen or know of a really large chameleon? I mean one of those fabled 3 foot specimens? I'm continually intriqued when I read back through my chameleon husbandry books about the proposed size that oustaleti, verrososus, and parsonii can obtain, but I've never actually seen a chameleon over 18 inches long. That was my male parsonii although he was still quite young when I sold him.
Anyone have pictures or stories of any really big chameleons they can share?
This isn't exactly what you're aking for, but I had a female Jacksons chameleon that was massive (for her species). She got up to 210 grams while I had her, which is larger than the average male panther gets. Here's a picture I took of her on my hand:
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