Kismet, 10 months old!


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They grow up so fast! ?? I just love this shy little girl.

Kismet seems to be a bit on the petite compared to some of the females I've seen, but she still has some growing to do. No signs of receptive coloration yet!






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She’s grown into quite the gorgeous lady! ?
What a beautiful, fancy, grumpy pants! She looks great!
She is a perfect specimen!

Thank you ladies! ? She's almost out of her awkward teen phase, and is finally growing in to her huge head! I love the shape of her casque. It's probably my favorite feature after her fancy tail and feets!

Looking good! Her markings are so interesting!
You hit the jackpot with that one! I love the little splotches on her legs

I just adore her spots! They change up and grow every shed, and she's amassing quite the collection. I'm not sure if she'll have any pink left!
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