Juvenile Veiled Cham Has Been tan-brownish all day! And new poop looks very dry and sheiveled

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by PicoTheCham, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. PicoTheCham

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    Hello Again!
    My new male juvenile veiled cham has looked a light brown color all day! His urates are nice white but the feces today looked very sheiveled and dry. He’s eaten 3 1/2 crickets and about half a shredded carrot. He ate a LOT yesterday but not as much today. His humidity levels went a little low for about an hour and a half but now they are back up. Plan to get some foam or something and cover a wall or two of his enclosure to keep humidity levels up. Pictures below, any thoughts?

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  2. kyle0417

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    Do you have any real plants in there to keep the humidity up and give him some water droplets to lick?
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  3. Tiosk

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    Dude, you need to chill about the color thing. I recommed you post threads that are important or about your chameleon in distress. You must make these threads and these only because as your membership matures, you will want to be respected on the forum. :LOL:(y)
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    I agree your chameleon is fine. They are generally darker if they are trying to bask. But it really isn't the biggest issue. Even as an adult your boy might be quite dull unless he becomes very hot or excited when seeing a female or territorial when seeing another male or when he is threatened by something.

    And add some live plants you can fill up that cage a lot.
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  5. JacksJill

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    The color of the white portion of the feces is more important when looking at hydration. From what I could see it is all white and that is a good sign. I think your chameleon would be more comfortable and display more greens more often if he had more plant cover in the upper third of his cage. He would feel like he could bask and be near a hiding spot if necessary. He's probably feeling a bit exposed.
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  6. Curlytails

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    they change colour to be able to absorb the most heat. if you listened in physics class:LOL: you would know that darker colours absorb heat and lighter colours reflect ir waves(no offence just banter)!
  7. shawn_melanson

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    the color thing isnt a big deal but you should really add alot more to that cage and also how often are yiou msiting him?
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