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Hello All--New to the Forum!
I am excited to say that I am preparing to get a chameleon this summer! I am getting everything ready now so I have the best for my cham. However, I am having trouble deciding which chameleon to get, and where! After reading about the many types, Jackson's sound like a good chameleon. I want a smaller chameleon with a good disposition. I read Veileds can be a bit crankier as adults. I was wondering if anyone had some input? I was also wondering how to inquire my new cham. I can't find any local breeders, and most pet store chams look slightly ill. Does anyone trust ordering online or suggest it?
Jacksons do tend to be more mellow, but like any chameleon, they have individual personalities, and can range anywhere from wanting to hang out all the time to being very aggressive and unhandle-able.

I definitely recommend buying from reputable breeders or sellers online if you cant find any healthy ones locally. LLL almost always has some, though they are not usually cb (check the sponsors.) Occasionally there are some in the classifieds. CB ones are a bit harder to find, but if you are willing to wait a little while or do some searching, you can get CB ones that are less likely to have the usual problems that WC animals have.
This is where I'm getting mine I'm pretty sure they are cb and good prices

please don't get me wrong- but that pic alone would make me stay away- the female would not lay there (with her eyes shut, as well as his ) with his horns in her chest if she were healthy ( IMHO) and more than one is a cage is not good either -

and this could just be a stock pic- not the chams you are getting ?? but I would ask for a pic of THE ONE you are getting -
I got mine from FL Chams last year and he is very healthy and friendly.

Some Jacksons can be very shy and will not want contact at all with you
(but seldom get mean) unless you work with them every day.

If you do not interact with a cham, and only stick food in when they need it,
you will not have a tame cham, regardles of species.

You need tons of patience and work with them daily.

I would advise againts a wc simply because it's just one more thing to worry
about with parasites, unles the seller can prove it's clean.
The picture just looks like they were sleeping together and they woke up when the light turned on, but I would ask for sure and get more pics to be sure they are healthy.
This is where I'm getting mine I'm pretty sure they are cb and good prices

I highly doubt these are cb jackson's. They have little abrasions and healed scars from a life in the wild and are full adults. Anyone who would lie to you about their origin may not know or choose to know about proper care, including housing the male and female together. I don't buy the comment about "putting them together just for breeding" at all. Breeding in receptive adults takes a short time, then they should be separated once the female starts rejecting the male!

I don't know what their "good prices" are, but if it sounds less expensive than others offered from breeders they are NOT cbb!

Sorry, but that's my HO.
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