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I am new on this forum and i know some of you have jacksoni chameleons. I read a lot about those chameleons but now i am curious how you keep them if you can share your experience i would be very glad.
Otherwise i am from Slovenia and i have good experience with Trioceros Melleri and Calyptratus. But now i am thinking about getting myself a jacksoni, any information is welcome.
Hey I'm new to this forum too but I have a baby jackson. A month and a half that I got from a friend. Most of what I know comes from the book and my friend who knows a lot about reptiles but what I do know that my baby jackson as he got a little older preferred hydeis over the melanogastor, I guess because they are a bit bigger? That and its kinda stressful always having to watch him, if he eats/drinks/ chokes on anything. But its fun. He lives in a tank for now but when he's big enough and when his food is bigger he will be moved to this screen cage Im building. The tank also has a mini fan to circulate some of the air some so it doesnt get so stagnant. I don't know if much of this helps but hey any information is usually better than none ^^'. (If anything I said is wrong please tell me)
What about the temperature? I read that it needs 15C during the night. How do you provide that?? That is my biggest concern. And how big must the cage be?

Thank you
Hello and welcome to the forum! I have a jackson's and we currently have Steggi in a vertical enclosure that the hubby made from coated screen and huge pot drain saucers for plants. We keep a mature Pothos and trade out Hibiscus plants every so often when they get a little wilted so he has fresh plants to cruise on. He likes it pretty cool at night and we also have a fan to keep him cool during the day as our weather here is very hot & humid. He eats like a champ and is doing well so far, we worried at first because we kinda rescued him from a reptile expo....he is wild caught and the female we got with him died 3 days after we got them home. Good Luck with yours!
Here are a couple of pics of Steggi........


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