is my dark & pale blue bar OK?


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I recently rescued a male blue bar ambilobe and i'm wondering what might cause his coloring or lack there of. I've only had him for 3 days. I fixed a very small "prolapse" w/ some ky (gone in just couple of hours & hasn't returned). he eats very well (crickets, silkworms, butterworms, & hornedworms). very good disposition. his bowel movements look ok. i'm just wondering was he neglected something while growing up, bad breeding, is he soon to be shedding, is he sick, was he just plain miserable where he was & hasn't recolored so to speak. desperate for some help. when he made eye contact in the store, you could tell he wanted out of there, immediately. appreciate any and all help. i'm sorry about the pix, he does NOT look this good w/out a flash bulb. he has the coloring of a dead animal in real view. [also, cage has live umbrella plant & 2 reptisun 5.0]
he might still be developing his colors or could be about to shed. I looks healthy from the pics. Id give him some thicker vines if possible.
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