Is it normal for chams to eat substrate?


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Is it normal for my cham be eating the substrate in her laying bin? I put in her laying bin today and as soon as she discovered the area in her house she started shootiong her tounge out at the substrate which is rinsed playsand and organic potting soil mix and eating clumps of it. I flattened the substrate out so it would'nt be so clumpy but she's still doing it. I moved her from it because I was afraid of her getting impacted but she goes right back. I've read that some reptiles eat substrate for lacking nutrients and I hope that's all it is. Should I be concerned or is this normal?:confused:
its a controversy animals eat soil to get minerals they are missing, as long as theres no big clumps or bark chunks or small rocks she can get should be fine. Vields are known for eating plants/soil/anything they can get i dont know what type you have but. but you will probably get mixed feelings on this.
Hmmm maybe put a small plant in there. Maybe she will munch on that instead, and it is very normal for them to shoot at the soil/substrate thats why most people don't put substrate in there main enclosure.
Adding plant.

I added a corn plant or Dracaena plant and it's been 2 days but she's still eating the soil and hasn't touched the plant. I'll try adding other kinds of plants and see if that helps. What variety of plant is most widely accepted to nibble on by Veileds? What seem to be thier favorites?
Well, you can't really stop her so I would sift the soil to get rid of any larger pieces, or just use sand alone. At least that way the likely hood of impaction is reduced.
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