Is anyone breeding quads/graciliors, montium, Kenyan line Jackson’s or any other trioceros these days?


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Yeah it must be the other sonny that’s starting a new epic chameleon project every other week here haha. I need to check out your threads, i know you had some great plans in the works last time I was here plus that cool free range.
You don’t mean this one and the related ones 😁“neo-is-the-one”.186391/

Enjoy reading ✌🏻


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Hey James! It’s good to see you back! I just started here shortly before you left I think. I still just have Eustis, my Jackson’s Xantech. He’s all I’m ever going to have. They are a lot of work but I love him!
Hey, I remember you on here as well. Glad to see you’re still around, how are you liking your boy? What’s his personality like?


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Oh I love him! He’s a typical Jackson’s, laid back, slow moving, very timid when it comes to my hands being in his space. I don’t believe in handling him much, I just like to observe. He’s so beautiful and he’s doing so well! I’ll have had him a year the end of June.
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