intro to new food? He only seems to want crickets


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My Cham seems very healthy, but I am trying to vary his diet. He eats crickets (9ish a day) and today I added a couple of horn worms. He ate the lone remaining cricket but is ignoring the worms all together.... should I add crickets and let him figure it out or just let the hornworms hang for a day or two before caving?

NewChameleon Info:

  • Your Chameleon - Panther
  • Handling - He doesn’t seem to like so I hardly ever handle him
  • Feeding - Feeding him medium crickets. Added in morning to enclosure
  • Supplements - I am so far dusting every single cricket with sticky tongues
  • Watering - I have the waterfall kit plus I manually spray 2-3 times a day
  • Fecal Description - white and brown. Moist but not runny
  • History - I’ve had him since he was 4 months old. I just moved him to a larger enclosure and he has really seemed to like it.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - The Exoterra large talm(36 x 18) we live in Colorado so to maintain humidity levels went with this one over the creek models
  • Lighting - Have new UVA/UVB ligh 36” and a heat lamp.
  • Temperature - The room he is in stays at 65 and his enclosed is 85 in the basking and 70 in the cooler sections.
  • Humidity -stays in the 60idh range
  • Plants - A huge bromeliad and some Pothos, and a fern.... waiting on a moss delivery to add that
  • Placement - Cage is located on top of a table.
  • Location - Living in Woodland Park, Colorado


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How old is your guy? Depending on age we can see how many to feed.

As for horns my panther didn't eat them at first but now he loves them. How big are the ones your offering him? You can try offering smaller ones just so he can taste it. That worked for mine. I think the size was a bit intimidating so I went with one that is considered way small for him .Haha.


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Thanks! He’s almost a year old.... I asked for help at the reptile store and we picked very small ones... I just don’t know if I should withhold crickets or add a few of those in as well until he gets used to them.... thanks again


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Try to put a few worms in a little plastic cup and put them at tree level he will see them wiggle and get curious then eat he or she just don't know about them yet
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