ignoring nesting site


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i dunno if anyone has said anything to you but try puting a towel around her cage so she doesnt see you when you walk by and then you can have your web cam on the side peeking in


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Hi there Marc10edora,

Not sure if you've had success yet with the egg laying. But from what I've read with the changing of the surroundings and moving of locations, she won't settle to lay her eggs. I've had this problem previously. I got excited and started worrying and moving, in the end she became eggbound. But lucky for me she didn't pass away. She just started dropping eggs everyday, 1 to 2 a day. When she started digging and stopped and went up for basking, she has almost certainly found her spot for laying. Chameleons are picky, trust me. The best thing for you to do is to put her back in her cage (If you don't have success with leaving her in the container.), and put the container back to where she was digging. You can also help her to dig the sight a little to how she left it last. And let her be. Too much worrying is causing her too much stress. Remember, this is her first time and also yours. I hope this wasn't too late and Good Luck.
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