I hope I am just paranoid


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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Panther Chameleon (Ambilobe) 6 months old. Had im for two month
* Handling - Once a week for cleaning
* Feeding - crickets, hornworms, butterworms, silkworms, superworms all in stock
* Supplements - Used to give 3:1 ratio of repcal d3:herptivite every 3rd day, been on suggested supplements (forum) for a week
* Watering - Big dripper, falls on a leaf, runs all day, I see him drink every morning
* Fecal Description - Brown with white end. Lately, the brown sorta had a white-ish hue
* History - Got him at 3 months old, came from a place that deals many WC
Cage Info: 5 feet wide, 2 1/2 deep and 6 feet height.

* Cage Type - home made, wood and screen
* Lighting - Mega Ray uv bulb
* Temperature - Hot spot : 84.2 My house : 68
* Humidity - 40% average, mist it up to 60% twice a day
* Plants - Yucca cane
* Placement - Living room near window (sun does not directly impact cage)
* Location - Quebec, Canada

Current Problem - He was doing so great! But in the past 2 weeks something is off, he lost his momentum. He has almost stopped eating (exept for the huge amount he ate on sunday and monday for some reason, see post gutload ends cricket stike?). He is getting oddly skinny and has lost his growth momentum. He is eating less and less, he has had shedding signs for the past 7 days, but is not shedding.

To make things worst, I came home today and he was sleeping in his usual spot while the light was on!

I dont underst and, Im not an Idiot, I do everything step by step and am so carefull about every small detail..... :(
Could you post a picture?

He is now 6 months old? How close to 6 months? (over or under) This is a good time to start to switch him to every other day feeding schedule. They will begin to consume less right around that time. During this season it also is colder and they naturally slow down a little.

I wouldn't expect him to eat everyday. If he eats 3 times a week I would be happy. Just try to offer a variety of items. Make sure they are not too big or small.

How are the pads on his head? Are they sunk in at all?
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This is a 5 minute old pic, sorry but its dark at this time and I have no strong lights in this room.

I am not sure what you mean by asking if the pads are sunk in, his eyes arent.

Thanks for your help, I already took an emergency vet visit for tomorow.
oops here it is


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Vitamin A ?

This is also the age where they start to show vitamen a deficiency. Some chams show signs of and so don't and powder supplemnts do not help. You need to use retinal vitamin A from a capsul.
I was 5 30, it was dark outside, even if i let the light on till 6 or 7, he NEVER closes his eyes.

He is a little under 6 months old. ANd now he is rolled up in sleeping mode, but he is oddly skinner when hes not.
They will go to bed when its dark outside even if the lights are on. Thats common. Even at 5:30 I have a feeling you are just being a little paranoid but its not a bad idea to go to the vet if you are worried. If you see a lot of weight loss its definitely a good idea.
Yes, there is weight loss per day, I can see it, its freaking me out. Im going to the vet at 12:30 tomorow
My Jackson's is literally doing the exact same thing. I think it's the time of year warming up. I was worried at first, but look at other posts. There are a ton of people chams doing the same thing.
Is a mega ray bulb UVB? I am not familiar with them. Do you also mist the cage on top of dripping? I would get a fresh fecal sample or the Vet if you can.
Back from the VET

So, I got a physical/fecal examination done this afternoon, here are the results.

-Negative for parasites exept for a low amount of Clostridium (french word, not sure if its same has english).

-He tells me that the fecal where a little too old to do a proper Fecal examination, so I must go back next time I see him poop with a very fresh sample (within a few hours).

-He noticed some yellow coloration around his mouth and around the inside edges of his right eye.

-He noticed no signs of dehydration or MBD whatsoever

-He is a little under weight (56g)

His solution :

-0.03ML of Fenbendazole once per day for 3 days
-0.06ML of Metronidazole once a week for 3 weeks
-Dust my gutload with Herptivite

He said the yellow could me a sign of the liver over working due to parasites, but since it will be very hard for me to get some very fresh fecal (since I work around 50 hours a week) he rather not take a chance and clear any parasites that they could of missed.

I hope all goes well!
Why in the world would he tell you to dust your gutload with Herptivite? Your Vet does know that some Panthers have yellow mouths?
Sounds like everything will be OK.
Sounds like you didn't find a very good chameleon vet.

Metronidazole is an antibiotic and they can be hard on your chams kidneys. Unless he has an infection I would not use this. If you do choose to use it make sure to keep him well hydrated. Fenbendazole is panacur for parasites. I wouldn't even treat my guys for parasites unless I knew for sure they had them. Panacur is fairly harmless but usually given in two rounds. Now for the three days and then again for 3 more days in two weeks.
Hmmm, well I dont know what to do now lol, he is known for being one of the top Exotic animal vet.

-He says mixing up some herptivite when I feed my crickets can help with vitamins
-He told me there is no danger with those medication and it could not hurt just to be safe.

And I know both of you are great chameleon caretakers, so I dont know what direction to go :confused:

I just want the best for my cham :)
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