I hope I am just paranoid


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I agree with Jann in not treating with the Metronidazole unless you know what you have. The Panacur really shouldn't hurt anything, but again I am not one to treat things unless I know what I am treating. Feeding your feeders Herptivite really won't do anything for your cham. If I were you, get a good fresh fecal in ASAP and see what you are dealing with. You could use the Panacur just to be on the safe side if you like.


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So why would he give me the Metronidazole when what I am supposed to be treating is parasites, he told me it was in case he had worms. I will give the panacur since he does come from a place that deals 90% WC animals.

I will try and get a fresh fecal next saturday.

This place is expensive, cost me 172$ to know what I just told you guys, and now from what I read, the vet should go back to treating dogs!

The yellow is on the outside of the mouth, the back end of the jaw where it opens. And its not a nice yellow, its looks like if he sorta stained, kinda like an old grass stain on pants. He has the same yellow on the contour of his eye.


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Can you take a picture of that?

Here you go, I feel terrible grabing my little guy like that but Im worried, hes had a hard day!

These are fresh pics, just took em now. Note: In real life the yellow is more evident than on my camera phone, i hope you can see it, cause my type of light sorta hides the yellow.


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So, I got a physical/fecal examination done this afternoon, here are the results.

-Negative for parasites exept for a low amount of Clostridium (french word, not sure if its same has english).

-He tells me that the fecal where a little too old to do a proper Fecal examination, so I must go back next time I see him poop with a very fresh sample (within a few hours).

-He noticed some yellow coloration around his mouth and around the inside edges of his right eye.

-He noticed no signs of dehydration or MBD whatsoever

-He is a little under weight (56g)

His solution :

-0.03ML of Fenbendazole once per day for 3 days
-0.06ML of Metronidazole once a week for 3 weeks
-Dust my gutload with Herptivite

He said the yellow could me a sign of the liver over working due to parasites, but since it will be very hard for me to get some very fresh fecal (since I work around 50 hours a week) he rather not take a chance and clear any parasites that they could of missed.

I hope all goes well!

No offense to your vet, but he is well versed in chameleons?. Some reptile vets are just that:reptile vets, but not all are well educated when it comes to chameleons. Did your chams mouth just turning yellow all of the sudden? Most of my chams mouth is yellow on the outside and the whole inside is yellow. I hope your vet knows what he is talking about. Good luck to you! P.S. Just saw your pic posted and his mouth looks fine and normal to me!!!!!
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