i have a fly problem.... help


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my viv seems to be inundated with tiny little flies... not fruit ones... they are laying in the waterfall..
any ideas how i should get rid of them without causing issues for the chameleon.....

he has to be hand fed so doesnt eat the flies grrrrr
and the random false widow spider i have living in the woodwork isnt doing much to dent the population either! haha


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I have the same problem with flies. I think they might be fruit flies. I don't know how to get rid of them yet.

FYI- the waterfall in your chameleon cage is a bad idea. You can search for other threads on them.


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Waterfalls are a bacteria farm .. chameleons tend to see moving water as their personal toilets :)

I strongly suggest a Spray system .. or that new monsoon system,.. just installed one and it works great ... nice and quiet :)

But as the previous posters said .. clean out the whole cage from start to finish.

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They are most likely NOT ff's. They are fungas gnats. From the soil in your plants. There are some threads on the forum about getting rid of them. Unless they are really getting out of control they wont hurt the cham or you. I had them in the past but for some reason mine eventually just went away.:confused:


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oh wow thanks guys.. your so quick at replying!
i hate the waterfall.. its a pain to clean... so ill think about getting rid :)
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