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Ok, I got my cage all set-up today. Got my ficus in there, and got my lights going. I still need to order some vines and branches and things which I will do on Monday. Then find a Veiled Cham:) . I have a question about humidity. I really want to try to not mist as much, do to the fact that I have a wood floor. My humidity is at the lowest around 40%. Could I get away with running a humidifier and mist less? What I mean by mist less is not as long. I would still do it 2-3 times a day but, for only a few minutes at a time. I just misted for about 3-5 minutes and the humidity went from 43% to 86% and has dropped only 2% in the last 30 minutes.

Thanks for any help....Bryant
The answer would be yes... If you are trying to keep your humidity up by long mistings then a humidifier will help solve the problem and let you mist for a shorter amount of time.
What Chad said... plus a dripper for constant drinkability, since your cham will not be drinking as much as when you used to mist.
Howdy Bryant,

Be prepared to end-up needing to mist for 10-20 minutes one or more times a day if he isn't interested in the dripper. Misting may be the only way he will drink. I too, have fancy hardwood floors. I simply taped down a sheet of vinyl flooring with a fake wood pattern on top of the nice wood in order to protect it from the inevitable overspray and accidents. My automated mist system runs for 20 minutes twice a day. Each enclosure has one nozzle and goes through 1 quart of water per misting session.
Thanks for the info, I do plan on using a dripper. My pump sprayer just gets to much water outside, maybe with some research I can find some different nozzles to hook up to it that would help.
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