How to move chameleon to new enclosure


I just got my veiled a new enclosure since it was time to upgrade but he doesn’t like coming out and i don’t know how to bait him out. Suggestions?


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I look at Larry in the eyes and say look boy get out rent it due!

sometime I just leave the door open for my female and after 5 mins she come out own her own. It’s easier after that. Maybe have a treat the bait him out?


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Couple ideas.

1. Bait him into a stick and move that way.
1A- gently scotch him onto a branch or vine. with another branch or vine. Little booty taps.

2. Put a large plant in the enclosure (like a hibiscus or a braided ficus) and move the whole plant with him on it.

3. Run a vine from one enclosure to the next.

4. Wait until he is up from in the enclosure and get gloves and do a combo of James and Joxie advice by gently reminding him who pays the bill's and cleans up his poop.
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