How to Keep Screen Cage More Humid???


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I recently bought the ZooMed Reptibreeze chameleon cage for my 6 month old veiled, the cage with all screens, and am having trouble keeping it humid. I also bought a mister, it has two spouts where water can come out of. With all the screens, it's been very difficult to keep it humid, even just trying to keep the water inside the cage and not on my dresser! My dad had the idea of putting plexiglass on three of the 4 sides, so that way the misters won't go outside of the cage and the humidity level will rise significantly. Any thoughts on this idea or anything else I can/should do??? I posted a pic of his cage below... thank you! :)

It would help to know where you are on a state level... If your in a tropical state I don't think humidity is going to be as much of a concern, than if you were in Arizona.

That said having an automatic mister that goes on several times a day and once at night will be helpful.


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Got it, get an automatic misting system(Mistking is best) and live plants, bonus points if you set up a fogging system and have it run a few hours before dawn.
I have had an auto misting machine for about 3 days now, but run it lightly because pretty much all the darn water escapes the screens!
Yup, as others have stated, put plastic or a curtain on a side if the cage, and aim your mist nozzle at it. That's the best I can help with, since I myself will be dealing with the issue of using a mist system in a full screen cage. Also more live plants.

The fogger will help too, good luck.


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so, wrap the cage, then set the cage up/in something like a plastic tub or tray so when you do have access water it will drip into the drainage tray and you can just dump it.


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I would second getting a better misting system, from personal experience, the reptirain you are using doesn't really work that well at all and doesn't produce a fine enough mist to make a huge difference in humidity in my opinion. My setup for my Panther Chameleon is a 4 nozzle MistKing.


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Ok everyone! My dad decided to go the expensive route and go with the plexiglass... We did three of the four sides in plexiglass, and left the front door and top open for air. I have read through about the misters and have thought about just replacing the tips of the misters with something better. We have a local Flower Bin who would more than likely sell something similar to what I'm looking for in a mister nozzle. Here is a picture from this morning of my new cage, filled with safe, non-toxic plants that veiled chameleons can have. There are three plants; the small one on the bottom is a Golden Pothos, or Devil's Ivy, the colorful one towards the top is a Bromeliad, and the bigger one I have (unfortunately) forgotten the name of. My buddy Harold seems to love his new enclosure, and all the new hiding spots he can blend in with.

Here is a picture of his new enclosure!

Let me know if I need to change anything, if you guys think I should just get a whole new misting system in general, or if replacing the nozzles will do just fine.

Thank you!

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