How old is my panther chameleon? Female?


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Hello all - I'm in need of some help! I just Purchased her yesterday & wondering how old she is. I'm pretty sure she's a female & will need to set up a spot for her to lay eggs. I will attach photos she's roughly 8 inches with her tail. Ok having issues post a photo off my phone. She is light pink with purple dots-- is there any way to tell age?


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Size is the best way to tell age. BUt we need a photo of her on your hand or a ruler to compare her to it.

ALso, if you post a photo fo her from the side, so we can see the tail base, we can check gender for you as well.

If she is a female, you are correct in needing a lay bin for her.

Try logging in through a computer and posting your photos that way.


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Here are some photo's that I currently have of her. First ones taken at the pet store--the other two are after I took her home.


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That does appear to be a female. Based on the lack of the hemipenal bulge and the coloring.

As for age- I would put hre between 7-9months, maybe a bit younger.
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