Hot chams = crabby chams


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A/C is out on the hottest day of the year so far. Ferdinand is absolutely miserable. We're doing what we can to bring the temperature down, but it's still 95 in the house.

Lots of misting, old timey swamp cooler (fan over ice), but he's still understandably crabby. Plus he's shedding on his head, so this has to be like the worst day of his life.

If the A/C guy can't come tomorrow, I am taking Ferdinand to work with me so he can at least keep cooler :D


I think about taking my cham to work too. We have live plants hanging from the ceiling all over.. one RIGHT at my cube! I think it would be great to bring one in ;)


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If I didn't worry about stressing him out, I would take him to work all the time. I'm sure the guys in the office would just LOVE that :D

A/C guy will be here this morning. What a miserable night. Sometimes I forget how spoiled we are.


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Ferdie pooped on the floor while free ranging today. He never goes outside of his "spot", so I take this as an expression of his displeasure at being too hot.


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I feel your pain. Both of our window units are out and our landlord has yet to do anything about it. I've got an oscillating fan in my cham's room, haven't had the basking lamps on all week, and mist them every few hours to try and cool them down. I'm pretty sure they all hate life right now. )):

I should add that as I write this I'm sitting on the floor in front of our only other fan, sharing it with my pups as they lay there panting away.
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