home made dripper?


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any idea for a home made dripper???
Depends on the cage. For smaller cages I use the plastic bowls that are 4/$1 at Walgreens. Some people use either gallon or 1/2 gallon plastic jugs, for larger cages. You just poke on hole in the bowl and a few in the jug, from the inside with a safety pin.
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Large styrofoam cup with hole poked in it. Large plastic cup with hole poked in it. Large plastic container with hole poked in it. Water jug with hole poked in it. You can also use all above methods, but instead of just poking a hole, you can put a small-diameter plastic tube in the bottom and seal around it with silicone. Tubing allows you to control the drips so it doesn't drip constantly into the soil of your plants.


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u can buy rubber gromets at a parts store 1/4'' then a spigot deal for misting sprinkler system got mine home depot has a valve on it to control exact flow drip rate and just some 1/4 tubing to conect them all drill small hole in container push in gromet then hose atach spigot deal sory dont know exact name.



Im using a zip tie container that had a handle on the lid and then i put a hook on the ceiling of the viv. Cost me £1 about $2 :)


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Home/hospital made dripper

My uncle was in his hospital bed,
Sitting watching him sleep I started to think about my dripper and BAM!
I watched his IV drip every second.
I picked up a bunch of the IV feeders,
They are not as precise as a regular IV and they are made to feed a person that
is unable to consume food through the mouth. So ther is a nice cap on it to fill.
I just recently picked up an entire box.
I will put some packages together for re-sale as soon as I can take some pics.
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